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Like all great Italian artisans, Leonardo Rodio started his career as a young and ambitious apprentice, working at his Uncleʼs cleaners in Staten Island. It was there that the young Leonardo wouldcome to discover his unique and profound passion for preserving and restoring fabrics. In the process, Leonardo began developing a keen sense of stain removal and restoration, a skill he would later come to master and be renowned for throughout the five boroughs.

In the early 90ʼs, Leonardo received a prestigious and highly competitive opportunity to work for the famous Mr. Anthonyʼs Cleaners in Manhattan, which with the grace from his Uncle accepted the coveted position. Leonardo found himself engulfed with projects he had only once dreamed of. It is even rumored that prestigious VIPʼs attending State Dinners in Manhattan brought their treasured garments to Mr. Anthonyʼs, and Leonardo. But, like any gentlemen, Leonardo will not reveal the identity of these powerful and prominent individuals he most likely cared for. Leonardoʼs ability to restore and treat garments, even the worst stained ones, shocked and impressed his coworkers and the owner. So much so, that Leonardo was promoted to the head of operations at Mr. Anthonyʼs, acting as this flagship cleanerʼs captain.

After over 15 years in the Metropolitan market, Leonardo decided to reinvent himself once again. Together with his family and the appreciation for his services to Mr. Anthonyʼs Cleaners, Leonardo moved to New Jersey and started Leonard Anthony Cleaners. Today you can find the masterful Leonardo working on exclusive handbag restorations, custom tailoring fittings, bridal couture clients or chatting with one of his many grateful clients at his store on Oak Street in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Leonardo prides himself on performing ALL his work in his store and only using organic, environmentally safe cleaning products.

When asked what he enjoys the most about what he does he humbly replied in his unmistakable lighthearted and charismatic voice, “Making all my customers smile means the most to me.”


Leonard Anthony Cleaners
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Leonard Anthony Cleaners Featured by Ellen Wilkowe

Leonard Anthony Cleaners featured in Leonard Rodio of Leonard Anthony Cleaners in Ridgewood deems couture garments "unserviceable" – an industry term — but he still services them. "These are garments that don't have tags that say 'how to be cleaned,' " he said. "But there's nothing I can't clean, and I've cleaned some odd things."For instance, a pair of $2,000 beige Christian Dior pumps that succumbed to a night on the town." The woman was out dancing with her husband and the dye from his shoes came off on the pumps," he said. The before and after shots on his phone speak volumes: a gray men's jacket marred by wine, each stain ticketed as though it were a crime scene, in one photo, and a good-as-new jacket in the next." Red wine, ink and blood are the hardest," he said.If the stain still exists, he repeats the process. He tackles each stain individually, applying special agents by hand, and then depending on the item, dry cleaning.Sally Nazzaro of Ridgewood can attest to that. She brought Rodio a white linen dress made by her grandmother "some 67 years ago." "It was brown and in our attic forever," she said."My daughter had a baby last year and we were going to baptize her, so I thought the dress made by her great-great-grandmother would be fitting." Rodio warned Nazzaro that the "dress might fall apart," but it didn't. "It came back perfect," she said. "I cried."The pristine white dress, punctuated by white bows, shared a rack with other flawlessly finished items: The Carolina Herrera blue silk chiffon dress that had been soiled with dirt from an outdoor wedding. The formerly ink-stained white Chanel 31 Rue Cambon tote. The Bergen Record


Leonardo– Thank you so much. You are wonderful, generous and a man of your word!
Roger - 19 Mar 2012

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